Susan Costello Sepulveda

Come and explore the world with me......


As a Child, my mother encouraged me to paint and draw. It came naturally to me and I couldn’t get enough. Our family would go on these camping excursions, seasonal acceptable weather permitting, in Greater Minnesota. I’d sit next to the shore line of one of our great lakes, lost in the scenery, submerged in the tranquility....drawing. At that time I didn’t know it would be recognize as plein air drawing. In a sense

I’ve been an artist all my life.

I’ve always enjoyed the mesmerizing effects of color. Acrylic or Soft pastel each, having a unique play to the medium. It allows you to blend and play with the color, creating a tranquil layer with each stroke. It has allowed me to recognize and appreciate other mediums I use. Teaching me patience with each stroke, mark and layer of pigment.

I studied Advertising Design at Brown College and received an Associate Science Degree in Graphic Design. I was recognized for my usage of color, conceptional design, illustration and painting abilities.

I soon worked as a Graphic Designer creating traditional and digital art, quickly advancing my career as an Art Director. Designing souvenir products for renowned names, such as Cabela’s, Mall America, Camp Snoopy, and local Northern Minnesota Outfitter's.

​I still embrace the love of nature, the power of color, and

pushing my imagination to unknown limits. The unsurpassed

ability to express the abstract illusions of my mind.


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